Eating more potatoes can help prevent emotional heatstroke


As the temperature keeps running in high temperature, the number of patients suffering from heat stroke not only increases, but also increases. The expert reminds, be far from "mood heatstroke", besides "jing xin" keep in good health, assure enough morpheus even, eat more delicate appetizer food to wait.

Heat wave season heat wave, not only easy to make people feel physical fatigue, loss of appetite, but also often make people "heart fire" impulsive, performance for upset, listless, thinking disorders and other bad emotions, this phenomenon is known as "emotional heat stroke". Related studies show that when the temperature more than 35 ℃, more than 12 hours of sunshine, humidity higher than 80%, the "emotion" heat stroke incidence increased dramatically.

Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine introduces relevant expert, night 11 when arrive in the morning 1 when it is the time of circumfluence of viscera gas blood, right now, blood circumfluence is ready to store essence energy to liver, if do not sleep, energy cannot be stored up, can liver cheng Yin is empty, Yin and Yang are out of harmony. Eat light appetizer food more on food, seasonable compensatory moisture and vitamin, take a few light more "clear fire" food, wait like fresh vegetable, fruit, green tea. Among them, potato is A very good choice, can help the human body supplement vitamin A and C, replace the food acidity imbalance caused by excessive consumption of meat, let A person away from bad mood.